Are You At Risk by Creatine Side Effects, Effects of Creatine and Side Effect?

There are no side effects of Creatine ever reported to my knowledge except its favorable effects. Even to my personal experience I don’t remember of any negative or harmful side effects of Creatine to me as yet.

For testing side effects of Creatine, thorough experiments have been conducted on humans. As quoted by Dr. Paul Balsam, world famous expert on Creatine has quoted that to his knowledge the only side effect of Creatine supplement ever reported in black and white is enhanced body muscles, and also adds that all bodybuilders can just accept it.

Nevertheless, there is no extensive research on the effects of Creatine dosage, so just be careful, it is advisable to strictly follow the label claims and should not take over dose.
Continued use of Creatine has not yet reported any negative side effects on athlets.

Even after using Creatine for quite some times, I have experienced neither any negative effect of Creatine nor any major side effects have ever been noticed on any human lives.

Negligible Side Effects of Creatine

Hence for your information, perhaps there are no side effects of Creatine. Given below are a few effects of Creatine that you may notice yourself:

  • During the recommended workouts you will feel more energetic, more stronger and more powerful
  • You will be realizing that the muscles are flared and stronger due to some water preservation with the help of Creatine side effect and more growth of muscle mass
  • Due to the preservation of the water in the body the muscles do not get harder, anyway, it is not found that noticeable apparently
  • You may scream with pain due to formation of Lactic Acid when you exercise extensively, this will not trouble you much. This has been conversed during the Creatine advantages and the Creatine monohydrate informative articles
  • You will be able of lifting a bit more heavy weights with minimum exhaustion and feel more energized and most powerful during workouts
  • In remote cases stones in kidney are noticed
  • Gas formation and swelling may be noticed (depends on personal Creatine acceptance)
  • Some deceptive rumors claim that Creatine Supplement affects on the heart since heart is also the muscle, nonetheless this subject yet needs research

For the general information, the side effects of Creatine may defer from person to person as per my own self experience of Creatine monohydrates.

However, this must not be taken as the medical recommendations or judgment and you must refer our declarations declaring the methods of use.

Detailed studies conducted on male and female athletes who have taken Creatine for more than one year did not divulge any continuous side effects with Creatine.

Of course short time side effect of Creatine that have been reported are due to taking dose more than recommendation resulted in diarrhea and the same did not last on limiting the dosage.