Best 6 Body-building Supplements Promote Your Nutritional Growth

There are some other vital fat burners and amino acid supplements that promote muscle growths and its repair, like Creatine, Glutamine, and Protein Powders. Try to observe six vital supplements cited hereunder enabling you proceed from fresher to bodybuilder. Such nutrients are widely disregarded or considered as supplement relatively promoting more health than building mass.

Older people who wish to live longer depend on this for maximum energy and stamina. Our visitors are suggested to incorporate these supplements in ultimate nutrition plan that has protein, carbs and fats along with The Six Elapsed Nutrients.


Is essential for body growth, especially pregnant women, babies and bodybuilders. Iron promotes generating red blood cells in body that support delivering oxygen to muscles, its deficiency may lead to exhaustion, reduced appetite and lesser muscle recovery.

Bodybuilders participating in competition should specifically intake Iron supplements as most of them workout even for a couple of hours shedding excess body fats. Such extended workouts may end-up in exhaustion and overtraining if sufficient dosage of Iron is not taken-in, since your progress ceases when body gets overtraining.

Rich food sources are Red meat, tomatoes, beans, oatmeal and vegetables. Bodybuilders are recommended to intake Red meat or an Iron supplement which may yield up to 8 mg per day.


Though Copper is necessary for bodybuilders, sometimes its not suggested. In addition to help generating red blood cells, Copper promotes producing Super Oxide Dismutase [SOD] an essential internal free radical hunter of body, such free radicals are natural by-products of heavy body training.

Mal-nutrition or overtraining could lead to situation where free radicals damage muscle cells also could weaken immune system ending-up in deprived muscle recovery.

Rich food sources are Shell-fish, Fish, Organ meats and Leguminous. Bodybuilders are recommended to intake Shell-fish or Fish daily or supplement which may yield up to 2-3 mg per day.

Vitamin [B.sub.12]

It divides cells promoting vital parts of growth system. Strict diet which has lower calorie levels or pre-contest diets especially which lacks red meat may lead to deficiency of Vitamin [B.sub.12] ending up in exhaustion and overtraining.

Due to such overtraining, hormones get misbalanced which obstacles mass gain and may cause uneven amount of muscles shed while dieting.

Rich food sources are Red meat. Bodybuilders are recommended to intake Red meat or supplement which may yield up to 15 Micrograms per day.


The natural discharge of growth hormone (GH) is enhanced by Arginine. Such enhanced GH could provide marvelous advantages to bodybuilders. Primarily the GH strengthens immune functions, such strong immune system is Supreme for muscle recovery and muscle growths.

Secondarily GH promotes enhancing mass through boosting in uptake of amino acids into muscles and burns body fats. Bodybuilders may be benefited by taking 6-8 grams of Arginine pre-training and further 6-8 grams before going to bed.

At these two junctures GH levels increase and supplementing with Arginine could promote this natural burst in GH. Mass seekers should add 2 grams to post-training dosage since Arginine could also stimulate insulin levels especially when combined with post-workout dosage of 50 grams each of protein and carbs.

Raised insulin levels promote recovery process, prevents muscle breakdown and enhances storing of muscle glycogen.

Rich food sources for Arginine are Red meat, Fish and Fowl. Bodybuilders are recommended to intake dosage of 12-18 grams in addition to food sources from animal proteins.


Potassium promotes muscles shrinkage and enables body transforming carbohydrates intake in to muscle glycogen, additional energizer within muscles and liver that body uses while training.

Thus, deficiency of Potassium or its low intake could adversely affect on carb-load your muscles as Potassium is stored within muscles, it is expected that like creatine and glutamine it adds to storing or retaining of total amount of water in muscles.

The increased level of water in muscles eases anabolic environment resulting stronger muscle growths.

Rich food sources are Lean meat, Yogurt, Banana and Potatoes. Bodybuilders are recommended to intake dosage of 2-3 grams daily consisting of five or six equal supplement meals.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Anticipating jumping up the testosterone levels which could be translated into extended mass gains, androstenedione derived products and tribes tan are mostly used by bodybuilders.

Acetyl L-Carnitine but not Carnitine – fat burner, could support to maintain as well as enhance the levels of testosterone in athletes who go for extreme overtraining. The extended training plans without necessary rest days could affect drop in testosterone levels.

Acetyl L-Carnitine could support progress up-taking the glucose by muscles. This is essential as developed glucose levels transport into muscles could transform into greater muscle mass and probably lesser body fats.

Rich food sources are Meat, Fish and Fowl. Bodybuilders are recommended to intake the dosage of 300 to 1,000 mg (milligrams) per day, specifically while dieting since the testosterone levels often fall during dieting plans.


Most of bodybuilders emphasize more concentration on the basic supplementations, while some even ignore the necessity of critical nutrients that are seldom uttered in the bodybuilding sectors.

The wonderful Sixer Copper, Vitamin [B.sub.12], Arginine, Potassium and Acetyl L-Carnitine play vital roles in maintaining the body functions in the optimal state. It is serious for bodybuilders who face the deficit in their diets or nutritional programs.

By confirming all your body requires for its function and also ensure that body gets all the essential nutrients for its growths.