How to Increase Free Testosterone Naturally

Aging men are often known to suffer from varying effects of either having excess estrogen or too little testosterone. The result of this kind of imbalance is often seen in the form of a weaker libido and lesser energy levels among men.

During young age some amounts of estrogen are actually used to ward off the powerful cell-stimulating effects of testosterone. As we age the estrogen levels increase and this results in the reduction of sexual arousal and related sensation which are common for loss of libido.

Many aging men are known to suffer from this rather common problem. There has been several researches that has been done on increasing testosterone levels or at least maintaining the optimum level during all times.

Recent research for example suggests that eating a low carb and high protein diet can actually cramp the levels of your testosterone. Higher amounts of dietary protein in your blood mean that they eventually decrease the amount of testosterone, which is produced in the testes.

The optimum protein intake should be around 15% of your daily calories according to these recent studies. Eating certain types of food like oysters, beef and egg has been for long associated with increased levels of testosterone. This is perhaps the most natural and safest way of increasing the levels of the hormone.

Continual weight training is also recommended as another way of beefing up testosterone levels. Exercises involving larger muscle groups are known to be beneficial in increasing testosterone levels.

Proper rest after weight training is also recommended since it allows the body to recuperate adequately between the training sessions. In order to avoid overtraining one has to be sure to get enough sleep and never stress the same set of muscles two days in a row.

Following simple tips like this can help a long way in boosting testosterone levels in a natural way without having to resort to any form of medication.

The pelvic area is often the place which is packed to capacity with testosterone receptors. This area is very sensitive to any sexual stimulation. This is the reason why many injections and creams are used in this particular region to provide a libido enhancing effect, particularly in the case of aging men.

The bodies of aging men are known to convert testosterone into estrogen. The estrogen that is produced thus is taken up by receptor sites into cells which are present throughout the body. This results in the blocking of the ability of testosterone to induce a healthy hormonal change.

Testosterone is usually responsible for the sex drive both in men and in women. For it to promote a good sexual interest and satisfaction it should be freely available in the receptor sites of the brain, muscles, genitals and nerves.

During the aging process testosterone usually binds to serum globulin and is then not available to the cell receptor sites where it is most needed in order to initiate sexual stimulation. The component that binds testosterone is known as sex-hormone binding globulin or SHBG.

In aging men it is always desirable to suppress the levels of SHBG and boost the levels of testosterone. It can be done without resorting to expensive prescription drugs in most of the cases.

Restoration of the hormonal balance is known to have a significant impact on the sexuality of aging men in particular. The entire process involves the increase in ‘free’ testosterone along with the decrease in both SHBG and estrogen levels.

Too much of estrogen is known to play havoc with the sex life of a man by contributing to the production of SHBG. Higher levels of estrogen are known to trick the brain into assuming that enough levels of testosterone are available. This in turns leads to the natural slowing down of the process of production of testosterone.

Men are usually advised to have their blood tested for something known as ‘estradiol’, in case of excess estrogen levels. Such men who are suffering from the effects of excess estrogen are often advised to make radical lifestyle changes along with taking aromatase-inhibiting nutrients in most of the cases.

Using transdermal patches is also one of the effective ways of increasing the testosterone hormone. Most of the men who have been tested for increased levels have reported adequate level of the hormone using this method.

There are other transdermal creams that are available. They are not known to irritate the skin as in the case with patches and are therefore very popular now days. They are usually applied once in 24 hours and are known to release testosterone into the bloodstream.

They can be applied on shoulders, legs, stomach area and the thighs. Of course they are to be used after proper consultation with a qualified physician. This is always a much safer and better option.

Transdermal gels are also an effective way to boost the testosterone deliver. They are usually applied once in a day to the abdomen or the upper arms. There are also several herbs and extracts that are available in the market that have been used for centuries together to boost testosterone levels.

One such herb is the ‘tribulus terrestris’. The intake of this herb is known to stimulate the pituitary into producing testosterone. Such herbs are being increasingly taken by several bodybuilders and athletes to naturally and legally increase their testosterone levels without having to resort to other illegal methods like using anabolics.

Research indicates that men who ate diets rich in monosaturated fats that kind of fat that is found in peanuts are known to have higher levels of testosterone levels. It is therefore recommended that you have lots of olive oil, peanut butter and nuts if you want an increased level of testosterone.

Carrying a pot belly is also known to decrease the levels of testosterone. A paunch is known to elevate the levels of estrogen and this is the reason that one needs to get rid of excess fat around the stomach to reduce the levels of estrogen.