The 7 Common Anabolic Mistakes

Anabolics are known and widely accepted natural and synthetic steroid hormones that were said to have been developed sometimes during the late 1930s as per the available medical records.

Earlier these Steroids were used for promoting the cell growth and division, resulting in growth of specific types of tissues particularly like muscles and bones.

They were also used for treating the hypogonadism which is the condition wherein the tests do not produce adequate testosterones for the general growth, development and sexual functions.

The 7 most common Mistakes often made by the People:

  1. The usage of Anabolic Steroids in excess doses: So far Steroids are concerned, it is not that the more you take is going to benefit you more. On the contrary, taking the excess amount of dosages has been the problem with the steroids nowadays. As per the authentic studies, it has been declared that excess dose of it is not only dangerous, it is completely unproductive too; as the body can only use a certain amount of the steroid hence the excess gets converted into the estrogen in the body.
  2. The extended usage of Anabolic Steroids: The users of steroids should avoid continuous use of steroid for more than 8 to 12 weeks and must take an off as directed by the doctor, as such practice may develop serious negative effects in the body. The scheduled gap is highly advised for permitting the recovery from the steroids and restricting the further damage. Continuous use may also prove to be serious for your kidneys and liver.
  3. Inadequate Eating: Most of the people do not follow the suggestions provided in different medical magazines or by experts in regards to healthy eating habits especially while taking steroids. The persons taking steroids must take between 4000 and 7000 calories per day this does not mean that one should take fatty foods only. The diet must anyway, be rich in proteins and calories but low in fats.
  4. Erroneous Training: The powerful and complex physical training is highly recommended while on the steroids. Your exercises must incorporate excessive weights and exhausting work-outs for the best results. Each of the work-outs comprising higher weights should register gradual progress.
  5. Regular Blood Tests: As it is well known that the steroids are very dangerous and may develop different problems, so regular check ups of the blood is highly advised. In the initial stages of initiating the steroid usage, the tests may record abnormal increase in reports which gradually gets slides back to normal in a few weeks. However, the test is also recommended during the off-period for monitoring the proper recovery by the body. In case of any unexpected results of the blood test, the doctor should be consulted immediately for further line of actions.
  6. Taking the Wrong Steroids: By using the wrong or unfit Steroids many athletes unknowingly increase their chances of getting the negative effects since the strongest or the most effective steroids that help building the powerful muscle mass, have the most side effects too. So far possible, until there is any reason of having the incredible gain, one should avoid taking such drugs without consulting their physicians or healthcare providers. Since such drugs are rather toxic, it is suggested not to go for the same unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor.
  7. Usage of Bogus or Counterfeit Steroids: It is the known fact that using the counterfeit or fake or bogus steroids may create great problems beyond expectations. The markets are full of various types of counterfeit steroids nowadays. Such steroids do not prove any good to the body whereas some of them even result in serious side effects too. Only a few of them may give the real effects of steroids, in fact. It is well said that taking any counterfeit or bogus or fake steroids is same like injecting some poison in the body, or just say, only the bad side effects but nothing positive indeed.